A success story that started at the dawn of the twentieth century with pioneer late Ali Güven, a craftsman who has been working as a top notch artisan with his hands in organic leather named vacchetta for more than 50 years, continued with the vision and audacity of Húsna who has learned the secrets of this artisanship from her master and developed her own inspiration by moving towards art and artisans. The designer concentrated on the top end of the market and took baby steps becoming a sculpture of sophisticated elegant sandals. Skilled artisans worked on HUSNA sandals with dedication and love to create real works of art, Maximum attention was paid to details, stitching and finishing touches to give the final customer magnificent handmade sandals. 

Here is the designer tells about the brand's journey; 

'My brand aimed to preserve its loyalty to the old, while presenting its products to modern women of the new age, by combining premium leather with pure hand craftsmanship. 

While my brand was taking solid steps towards becoming a world brand, I had the honor of being awarded as one of the fifteen Eco Talents of the world by Vogue Italia. It was a time when I had gotten orders from the iconic stores of the United Kingdom, Liberty of London. In the meantime, I got a long break from my business during a period of awakening. I am proud of embracing my brand with a completely delightful and creative energy by giving my creations the recognition they deserve.  

During this period, I moved to London and moved my atelier to Italy where rich, Anatolian heritage and Italian excellence meet.  

My sandals have always been my first love, and their place will always be different for me. 

My hair jewellery, on the other hand, was created as products of my regeneration process and a wonderful energy of pleasure. Like my sandals, my hair jewellery is a unique, magnificent piece of art. 

Uniqueness and Elegance with authenticity & timelessness together brings life to Husna's hair jewellery and Sandals which is a homage to the artistry of an exceptional craftsmanship called 'Kazaziye’. Our Jewellery making process begins with a Strand of 1000 Karat pure Silver being wrapped over a 0.08 mm silk thread with the help of a spinning wheel. The silver strand then is hand sewn by female artisans to form a handwoven chain, traditional Art Nouveau motives symbolizing ‘Endless Love’, ‘Bounding of Two hearts’ and ‘Love Knot’. Then the silver strands are oxidized to form an elegant, historical look. It takes at least 48 hours to weave each silver thread. Then natural gemstones are hand sewn into the silver chain and complete one piece of hair jewellery. 

I turned a 5000 years old silversmith jewellery technique into wearable art and made 1000 Karat pure Silver hair jewellery and blended them with healing and spirituality of various natural gemstones. The magic of ancient hand-knitted jewellery art, born back in Lydians, made by 1000 Karat pure silver, Kazaziye  blended with natural mother pears, semi precious natural stones and Swarovski crystals became brilliant art pieces in HUSNA’s hair jewellery.  

 I am very excited to introduce to you my hair jewellery pieces after a long break, and I wish from the bottom of my heart that you will embrace my hair jewellery as you embraced my sandals.  

All my Best, 

Husna Bulbuloglu