I take inspiration from cultural and historical treasures of my hometown, Trabzon located in the Northeast of Turkey, and my love of an exclusive jewellery art technique, Kazaziye and blend it with Italian handcrafted excellence. 

Uniqueness and Elegance with authenticity & timelessness together brings life to HUSNA's hair jewellery which is an homage to the artistry of an exceptional craftsmanship called 'Kazaziye’. Our Jewellery making process begins with a Strand of 1000 Karat pure Silver being wrapped over a 0.08 mm silk thread with the help of a spinning wheel. The silver strand then is hand sewn by female artisans to form a handwoven chain, traditional Art Nouveau motives symbolizing ‘Endless Love’, ‘Bounding of Two hearts’ and ‘Love Knot’. Then the silver strands are oxidized to form an elegant, historical look. It takes at least 48 hours to weave each silver thread. Then natural gemstones are hand sewn into the silver chain and complete one piece of hair jewellery. 

I turned a 5000 years old silversmith jewellery technique into wearable art and made 1000 Karat pure Silver hair jewelry and blended them with healing and spirituality of various natural gemstones. The magic of ancient hand-knitted jewellery art, born back in Lydians, made by 1000 Karat pure silver, Kazaziye  blended with natural mother pears, semi precious natural stones and Swarovski crystals became brilliant art pieces in HUSNA’s hair jewelry.