“Empower a Girl, Transform a Community”

Our Jewelry technique, Kazaziye is an unique art handcrafted by women artisans who work from homes. 

My motto in life and business is ‘ Empower a girl, Transform a community’. We partner with 30 local women artisans who work from their homes, contributing to their family budget while gaining their economic empowerment and financial freedom. Greater household income can lead to dramatic improvements in the quality of life for our women artisans. 

Our aim is to make a positive contribution to the change and development of women's position in economic and social life. 

Empowering women and girls will continue to be my guiding principle.

While we contribute to the change and transformation of a woman's life in every HUSNA product, we will contribute to the healthy and safe living of  stray dogs and cats with a percentage of each sale.

In each HUSNA hair jewelry you wear, you will have a unique design that will accompany you for a lifetime, and you will not only feel the happiness of touching a woman’s life but also contribute to the safe and healthy life that a stray animal deserves.