A SOUL IS A SOUL 


Since my childhood, I always aimed to positively impact the world around me. For years, I have taken care of, treated, adopted and found homes for stray dogs and cats. 

I now chose my business to contribute to the life of these innocent souls. Giving back to dogs and cats need is the core pillar for HUSNA, which is why we donate 5% of each sale to animal rescuers. We will let you know your impact by telling you how many dogs and cats’ lives changed.

The more animals I can contribute to the flourishing of their lives and their healthy, peaceful and safe lives, the happier I will be.

It's an honour to walk this path with you.

I was very sensitive and careful while choosing the volunteer animal rescuers whom I work with peace of mind.


Instagram @hayvanlar_olmadan_asla

Gurkan Gozoglu, who devoted his life to dogs that were abandoned in the forests years ago, today takes care of 3000 dogs and feeds them in more than 50 regions. Gurkan, who settled in a house in the countryside for the dogs he saved from the brink of death, lives with 40 dogs. He is now building a farm for dogs where they will be free and in peace. 


Instagram @banucvsgl 

Banu is a teacher for 8th grade devoted her life to  and has been feeding stray dogs everyday for 7 years now, in a very cruel region where people threaten her and the innocent dogs she takes care of.  and she is trying to find a home for them. She neuters, feeds and treats over 60 dogs Banu is a teacher who has devoted her whole life to stray animals.